I am sure you probably heard about the papyrus fragment that was recently revealed through Harvard Divinity School. It contains Jesus using the words “my wife” and “I dwell with her”. It speaks of a female disciple.

The timing of this discovery is perfect on so many levels. This is even reflected in timing of the upcoming release of my book Enchanted One~ The Portal To Love

Enchanted One weaves together messages from Jesus’ wife Magdalene with my own personal journey to living in unconditional love on earth.

In light of this new discovery I want to share with you excerpts from a channeled message in the introductory to this soon to be released book.

Magdalene seems to be addressing this Exact moment in time~ (Please read to the end to find also two links to recordings of channeled messages from Magdalene)

Photo by Karen King

An Introductory Message from Magdalene: The Time of the Goddess (excerpt of Enchanted One ~ the Portal To love~ by Sheila Applegate~Release date Dec 2012)

And so with an open heart I come to you…I come to you with the messages that I have held in my heart. Some will say that injustice was served when my story was hidden…I say to you that the God Goddess That Knows All would not have allowed a mistake of such magnitude to occur. Yes, it is a shame that it has been so many years where the story was learned in a one-dimensional way, without its fullness. But let us not look at this as a failure on any part of man or religion. Let us look at this as a time for us to expand out the energies and learn emotions and learn things that without time we cannot understand so fully, for beyond this realm there is a realm where there is no time and no space.

In all the time that has passed since I walked this Earth as Magdalene, in all that time in which you may feel and remember resentment, especially those of you who associate and identify with the Goddess vibration. But I would like to say let’s not place our anger on the men that went before you, or the male energy, or the religion, or the politics that suppressed these understandings, because the very fact that that occurred tells us all that we were not ready for these understandings at the time. Some were ready, and we passed that information down to them to hold until the time was right, but I have held within my heart all these memories until this time.

So this is why I say to you it is with such great joy that I am here now, ready to explain these things to you, the other half of the story, so to speak. For all those seeking God, all those trying to return to the Kingdom of Heaven through the love of their beloved brother Yasu, they are honored for this journey, as are those who seek the Kingdom of God through other means in the various areas of the world. They are honored for their journey. We cannot just blame the Christians, as you call them, those who tell the story of Yasu, for taking the Goddess out: You will look across the world at many stories and see the Goddess removed. And in some places that held the Goddess energy, the God energy was removed…in linear time…learning one aspect and then the other until both aspects are learned and the truth, the whole truth, can be integrated once again.

So now is the time of the Goddess throughout the world, and you will see me rising upward now to speak to you, or coming downward to speak to you, on Earth. You will see Isis, my beloved sister whom I honor so much, coming to speak. You will see many Goddess energies rising up throughout the cultures, reminding those who have forgotten how powerful the energy of the Goddess is, the feminine aspect…I give great love and honor for all that my beloved has done, for all those things you have honored him with, but it would be an injustice if we did not share with you, now that you are ready, the understanding that it is the union of the male and the female, the God and the Goddess within…it is the remembrance of the union which is beyond any name…it is the remembrance of the Whole Soul, the Alpha and the Omega within, no longer split but coming together, that allows the miracles to occur. It is this union among people, among souls, and on our Mother Earth that will allow the ascension to occur on this planet.

Message from Magdalene Live Channel On Enchanted One

Magdalene Speaks On Love 2009 Glastonbury England

In Grace and Oneness~

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