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“Enchanted One brings us the inspired and inspiring message of divine love embodied. What could be more encouraging news as the world falls apart and we have an opportunity to rebuild it with a vision of sacred love?”
Daphne Rose Kingma,

author of “When You Think You’re Not Enough”

The world we live in might not be free from pain, but you have the ability to create for yourself a world free from struggle. This is a perfect moment for you to open your heart and receive a profound message of love; a form of unconditional love we inherently need, a love you may not know has been missing.

Through Enchanted One you enter the portal to love and embark on a journey like no other. Author Sheila Applegate weaves together the goddess teachings of Isis and Magdalene with her own personal and profound experiences. Follow Sheila on this journey and find yourself resting in Divine Love, a space where your heart and mind are in alignment, a space to learn to embody life at its fullest.

Through Enchanted One, Sheila Applegate brings forth her most amazing, loving and spiritual healing energy that enables us all to live our true spiritual and God given potential: Enabling us to bring out our greatest desires to live and be creative in life. Sheila gives us the tools to make it happen.  - Dr Rob Kiltz  MD,  Founder of CNY Healing Arts Center and CNY Fertility Center
“Enchanted One is a book to remember, a book to embrace, a book to read and reread, a book to gift yourself and others. The words inspire you to create the life you want. Total insight on how we are emotional, spiritual beings living in a physical, mental world. So, if you would like to realize your truth and step into your power Enchanted One is a must read. The book reflects what I have taken years to assimilate and adds a whole new dimension.  Thank you Sheila for sharing this book it has touched my soul.”  - Yvonne Lando
Enchanted One is profoundly inspiring — A must read for any spiritual seeker. It is the most beautiful and the most luminous book of our time.” – Cynthia Powers-Broccoli, NY
Enchanted One, is a beautiful experience and revelation into seeing and understanding our journey here on earth. In reading I discovered many wonderful messages, in re-reading I found amazing answers. The book its self is a gem all should experience, however Sheila’s gifts and insight combined, set the lighting to brilliance.”  – Diane Shenandoah, Faith Keeper for the Oneida Nation
In Enchanted One, Sheila Applegate honors us by sharing lessons from her life, including channeled messages from Isis and Magdalene. Her life, which unfolds before our eyes, inspires us and becomes our journey. We walk with her as she shares love in all its forms and then we are reminded to embrace all of our emotions. While this book feels familiar, the invitation to live in unconditional love is compelling.” - Liala Strotman, Seeker, Healer, Educator, Long Island, NY
The depth of what Enchanted One covers: Fear, Ego, Grief, Re-membering, Forgiveness, Passion, Emotions…are all an expression of Love. Enchanted One can be read over and over again each time opening up to something new. It is full of tools and resources which can be used right now and every day.”  – Jennifer Johnston Roy
“Sheila has been my teacher of the Oneness for many years. It’s due to her teaching that my understanding and knowing of the Divine within myself grows deeper and deeper each year. In her new book, Enchanted One, Sheila sets out to enlighten each reader of the truth of divinity within everyone and everything, and she succeeds extraordinarily well. A must read for all seekers.” – Melina Carnicelli, New York
ENCHANTED ONE is that message in a bottle sent directly from Mary Magdalene, Isis and our Creator to help us remember we are all a part of that Great Ocean, no drop separate from the other. Sheila Applegate is gifted enough to be able to receive this message of love and generous enough to share it with us in these few pages.”   - Rochette Withers, NY

Sheila Applegate

Sheila Applegate

MSW, Conscious Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Award Winning Author of the book Enchanted One, Founder of Be Awesome: Your Guide to Conscious Living, and Founder Counterpoint Creative Consulting

Enchanted One ~ I rest in the vibration of Divine Love as I open my heart and expand myself into the awareness of All That Is. I am a Whole and Beautiful hologram of the Universe breathing love on Earth.” ~ Sheila Applegate

Sheila’s Be Awesome: Guide to Conscious Living, program provides a blueprint to release personal roadblocks, ignite the imagination, and embrace an abundant life of joy and passion that is available to everyone.

As the founder of Counterpoint Creative Consulting, Sheila partners with Leaders in Entertainment, Literature and Business to influence the evolutionary transformation of our world.

Sheila’s Conscious Meditation incorporates a unique formula that fosters instant integration for Conscious Living.

In 2014, Zachery Hansen and Sheila Applegate discovered Fractal Illumination through divine inspiration. This revolutionary technique ignites and illuminates the evolutionary process within.

Her book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, weaves together messages from the Divine Feminine and highlights the Sheila’s personal experiences in embracing the full spectrum of human emotion.

Beyond the services Sheila offers the worlds she has diligently mastered the ability to live in conscious oneness throughout her daily experiences. Sheila navigates with ease, ALL of the levels of energy from the individual cells of her body to the vastness of All That Is.

Sheila believes it is the natural ability of all human beings to navigate Conscious Oneness and to have unlimited communication with energies beyond the physical.  She has dedicated her life to help you attain this level of conscious living.

With this as a baseline, Sheila directs her much of her attention to highly successful individuals in Entertainment, Literature and Leadership who wish to amplify the impact they have on our world transformation.

In Grace and Oneness~

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