It is important to remember that you have never been away from your twin flame, that there is no need to unite with your twin flame again because you have never been separated. Your journey of trying to connect is only a journey of remembering that you were never disconnected and it may keep you for a long time as you journey with soul mate after soul mate. And I say to you that there isn’t one here among you who does not have a soul mate in your life. For a soul mate is one who goes with you on this journey and it can take the form of a mother, or a father, a sister, or a brother, or even a dog, a cat, or a loving friend. It may take the form of a lover, a husband, a wife or a partner. You have your soul mates with you. Do not look for something more that is already with you. Look around you now and see the ones who are with you and receive their love in the forms that they are here to give. For the ones that come to you now are the ones that are prepared to give you what you need today in remembrance of love. There are so many among you who have woken up from the journey. There are also so many out there that are trying to fill themselves with someone else – they are still looking, looking, looking for their other half and I say to them “Stop and look inside” because as soon as you do, everyone that you need in your life to be full, that you need in your life to be joyful, that you need in your life to teach you the lessons will appear to you.

Divine love comes when you have made a commitment to self to keep your heart open in all situations, to be open and ready to welcome love in any form and to be willing to give love unconditionally in any form wherever it is ready to be given. Whether those who are there to receive it, receive it or not, your determination and your willingness to give it is what sets you aside from those that are seeking with earth eyes and when you are willing to love unconditionally and when you are willing to love yourself first unconditionally and then others unconditionally as well – then you will pull from the heavens every partnership that can give and receive in this vibration of unconditional love.

Join Amoda Maa Jeevan, Kavi Jezzie Hockaday and Sheila Applegate in Orange County California Sat Nov 20, 2010 and we expore in depth the dynamics of living in Divine Partnership on earth.

If you want to shift from the Myth of Romantic Love to the Alchemy of True Love, then join us for this very special event!

In this one-day seminar, you will discover:
* The secret to living a Divine Relationship;
* How to evolve beyond Co-dependency to Inter-dependency;
* The True Purpose of Relationship in today’s evolving world;
* How to embody the fullness of Masculine and Feminine Power;
* How the Divine Feminine Frequency is coming through humanity and changing our relationship to everything.

The day will include Processes, Meditations, Music and a Channeled Message.

The Sanctuary Retreat Center, 505 W 1st Street, Tustin, Orange County, California 92780

10am - 6pm

Cost: $80

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