This is the time of year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, when our attention turns to Romance. Human beings complicate love, as we attempt to taste the truth of this powerful emotion while at the same time constructing rules to protect ourselves from its passion. Our dance with Romantic love is the craziest of all.

We humans, as a race, have created so many rules and structures around the primary relationship of romantic love, trying to dance in its vibration without actually immersing ourselves in its power. We construct rules of behavior around these relationships to create an illusion of safety, pretending we are opening our hearts to true love’s passion while remaining frozen and motionless behind our screen of fear. The truth is we must first open our hearts, and then passion will fill us in all our relationships.

When we are truly willing to open our hearts to love, we are committing to allowing Divine Love to flow through us at all times, to dropping our attachment to form, and to being willing to feel the emotions of pain, grief, anger, and fear while allowing the peace of Love to flow through our open hearts . So often, we close our hearts to protect ourselves from the emotions that we have dreamed unsafe, but when we close our heart to one emotion, we close it to all emotions, even love. I invite you to be willing to open your heart, to risk experiencing the full spectrum of emotions, for it is this space that you will watch as the Divine Enchanted One-ness fills your heart with the Passion of Love.

Magdalene and Jesus came before us two centuries ago to witness to us the power of this enchanted love, and we have spent those 200 years suppressing their message. Now, finally, we are beginning to open our hearts to the truth of Unconditional love. As we do this, we re-member the truth that we are all a reflection of One Divine, Loving Source. This year, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers and love, I invite you to gift yourself a true Valentine: Listen to “Mary Speaks on Love” and re-member.

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