Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

Last week I had the honor of being present at the Lincoln Center for Dan Brown‘s celebration to release his newest novel “Inferno“. Dan Brown has been an inspiration to me for years.  His novels always seem to expand my  understandings and help me to bring words to the very things that I am processing at the time. Even though I am very public with the messages that I bring forth from Spirit, behind the scenes,  I am always exploring a deeper layer of understanding and Oneness that is in a space where my words are not yet ripe.  Dan’s novels seem to ripen my words, leaving me with the feeling that we are drawing from the same source. Inferno is no exception. To be honest I never even gave a thought to what this book would be about.  Not for a second did I even think of the title and what it would infer.  Not until Dan began to describe his past three years in hell!  Of course!  Inferno is based on the Dante’s Inferno, reaching Paradise after going into the 7 layers of hell. I have spent the past few years exploring the darkness as a gateway to Oneness.  As my friend says “I sit in the darkness but it is the light that I wield.”  I believe that to truly embody Oneness is to remember that Nothing  is outside of Oneness.  If Oneness truly is All that Is, then this must include everything.  Even those darker shades of grey that frighten us.  So I have spent countless hours in meditation guiding the “underworld” energies into the...
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