Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

I believe in past lives. It makes sense to me. Not because I was raised to believe in them, but because something inside of me tells me it is true and because I remember past lives as easily as I remember my childhood.  When I was young, my mother told me how my neighbor was nice to the mice in her garage because “she believes in this thing called reincarnation and she thinks the mice might be her dead relatives.”  I remember looking out at my neighbor’s garage and telling myself that, while I really didn’t think the mouse in her garage was her dead uncle, the idea of living more than one life made sense to me.  Later, when I was a mother myself, my 2-year-old daughter said to me from the back seat of the car, “You weren’t always my mom, the mom I had most is still in heaven.”  She continued, “…and besides, I used to be the mom.”  It is in a moment like this that a mother takes notice.  I made a vow then and there to love, nurture, and guide her while always respecting the ancient wisdom of her soul.  A couple of years later, again from the back seat of the car, I heard from the same sweet mouth, “Mom, did you know that some people don’t believe in past lives?  Well that just makes no sense because they’ve all had them.” So I believe in past lives.  It is natural for me to believe in them.  However, I don’t think that one has to believe in past lives in order to...
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