Sheila Applegate: “All That Is” Audio Interviews

Hi Friends, I would love to share the following recordings with you.  I’ve participated in some wonderful interviews over time and the links below make them (at least some of them) easy to find.  Thank you to all the hosts who invited me to share my story and my book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love. Intensely Positive: Master Your Mindset and Master Your Life, Enchanted One: Portal to Love — An Interview Planetary Spirit: Spirited Interviews w Radio Host…JeffF.,  An in-depth (spiritual not religious) interview. Spiritual But Not Religious: An Interview with Seer & Psychic Sheila Applegate Empowered Healer with Dr. Susan Allison, Choosing Love with Sheila Applegate, MSW Our Voice Now ~ Humanity’s Team: Third Eye and Dreaming (a great interview with my teen daughter…) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author & teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion & integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Her new book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment. “Moving into a harmonic union between your heart and mind allows you to embrace life to its...

ANCIENT TRAVELERS by Sheila Applegate

ANCIENT TRAVELERS Your Dark Eyes a tunnel to the light call to me and draw me deep within your soul. Feel the soft surrender of our sorrow lift as your hand slips into mine. Darkness turns to white and the dance begins Ancient travels of the night We rest for a moment in this dance In the clear white reflection of light Our hearts remind us of who we are. Filled once more Release the embrace. Ancient travels return the night Each to our own world now reflecting to the zombie souls the wisdom of the light filled night. Awaken ~ Sheila...
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