Poem: The Labyrinth

When I started down this path it felt dark and twisted Each thorn that drew blood told me to turn back. Each corner of the maze felt more twisted than the last. I tried to leave the way I entered but it was too late. So I moved forward against my will resisting every step. My head cocked looking for the light from which I had come. Somewhere along the way that light faded into darkness Surrender was my only choice. Pure darkness…a void from which all life is created. I felt my heart open. The light inside of me  suddenly there to lead my way. This is the moment I saw the rosebuds through the thorns. I moved forward with the strength of an open heart. As I reached the center, the path of thorns opened to a garden of roses… Each rose held a song of love Each song held a string to my heart. Tears ran down my cheeks in awe of the beauty Over taken by the love of the one who designed this Garden just for me Who trusted me to journey to the inner Chambers of His Heart To receive His love as only he knows how to give it. And So I lay my head down upon the rose petals Resting here within this love for all of eternity. ~ Sheila Applegate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author and teacher, Sheila Applegate’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion and integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Sheila’s new book Enchanted One: The Portal to...
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