Global Oneness Day: Join This Free Virtual Event and Share Messages of Hope, Awakening and Transformation

My Dear Friends, Do you feel the time has come to create a conscious Earth? Are you prepared to help co-create it? Read on if your answer is yes! I’m reaching out to you about something that might be valuable for you, your family and the whole of the Earth. It is a live virtual summit that I am sponsoring called Global Oneness Day 2013. I think you’ll see why I am sponsoring this after you read a little further. The program that has been put together is global. It will be very powerful and it is complimentary. Erwin Schrodinger, who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933, said “Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.” Eighty years have passed but few have this awareness. Global Oneness Day was created to heal the illusion of separation that has such a powerful grip on the Earth. Even though scientists and notables have been sharing for some time that everything is connected, we are one, the world’s institutions, organizations and cultures are based almost entirely on separation and this has created the chronic and acute problems we see in every sphere of society. When we see we are One it leads us out because Oneness creates a culture of solidarity and a culture of solidarity creates compassionate service to each other and the world around us. I, along with the United Nations, Humanity’s Team, The Association for Global New Thought and NGO’s around the world am calling for an awakened world, a culture of solidarity and a compassionate and sustainable Earth. Will you join with us? Will...
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