Heidi DuPree and Sheila Applegate Discuss Ego and Surrender; Virtual Book Tour, Day 8

Hello and welcome to Day 8 of my Virtual Book Tour.  It is interesting to me that Day 8 also falls on the 8th of January!  I have recently become very fond of the number 8 as it represents to me the infinity symbol.  Several people have asked me why I shifted the direction of the infinity symbol in the image on my book cover to look like a figure 8.  I can only tell you.. because Spirit directed me to. I have been using the infinity sign in my healing work for some time now and recently in meditations I have been directing people to visualize an infinity sign (or figure 8) running from the base of the spine to the top of the head crossing at the heart center.  This visualization has a very powerful  healing effect on the people who use it. So it is perfect that today’s stop on the virtual tour includes You, Me and My Dupree Knee ~ Lessons in Transformational Healing with  Heidi Dupree. Heidi is the author of The Other Medicine That Really Works.  As an author, energy healing therapist, holistic nurse, and Certified Traditional Naturopath, it is Heidi’s passion to be a conduit of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing for others.  Her mission to challenge how we think of medicine. In today’s blog post, Heidi interviews me about Enchanted: One The Portal To Love, asking about ego and surrender along with several other interesting questions. Remember to leave a comment and enter (below) to win the raffles while you are there! Then Tonight at 9PM EST I will be...
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