Interview with Vironika Tugaleva, Author of “The Love Mindset”

Hello Friends! I can’t help but ask…have you done the mirror exercise I described in Chapter One of Enchanted One~ The Portal To Love?  What did you experience when I asked you to look in the mirror for five minutes?  This is an exercise in observing Self Love.  (Please feel free to share your comments below.) Vironika Tugaleva goes deep into the exploration of Self Love in her just released book, The Love Mindset.  I am honored to be a part of her Virtual Book Tour and to share this interview with you.  I am certain you will feel her work supports the message of unconditional Love in Enchanted One.  If you are inspired by Vironika’s message you can get a free preview of The Love Mindset at Question:  What is a love mindset and why is it important to have one? Response:  The love mindset is, quite simply, a state of mind where you can receive and give love freely, because you know you are love. When you’ve got a love mindset, your mind is in complete alignment with your heart and soul. You’re able to be authentic, compassionate, and kind to others and, most importantly, to yourself. With the love mindset, you can heal and, finally, be happy. It is important for every single person to have the love mindset, and in our culture right now it is needed more than ever. Our minds may have taken us to the moon and helped us build computers. We are all so intelligent, but we need more than just intelligence. When we survive only with the mind, we spend...
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