New Earth Energy

There is a transition of energy coming into the world that many people are referring to as the “New Earth Energy”.   This is marked by the 21st century only because humans have insisted on putting much energy into this date.  This form of timing is meaningless to the energy  however; nonetheless humans have chosen this time to mark the shift in energy  that is occurring.  This increase in energy is resulting in new gifts, abilities and truths.  Rays of traditional teachings of separateness are becoming obsolete.   This shift is being labeled ”new earth energy”, however, this is an illusion.  The energy that is being spoken of has existed since the beginning of time.  It is the Energy of pure Love in the highest form and an understanding of Oneness.  History shows many people whom have understood and accessed this energy.  Jesus, Buddha and the Peacemaker along with many other spiritual leaders had access to this energy throughout their entire lifetimes.  Others such as St. Francis and Hiawatha were awakened to this energy through tragedy, illness or deep spiritual reverence.  The shift that is occurring at this time has increased the amount of Pure Love energy available for transformation on the earth plane.  This is the result of deep work and dedication leading to the evolution of human spirits.  This shift in Energy is allowing more humans to access this energy in its fullest form, more than any other time in history.     This energy shift is evident in numerous ways: *  Dreams are intensified.  At first there may be an increase in what one would call nightmares...
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