Celebrating a Room Full of Sisters

Room Full Of Sisters by Mona Lake Jones A room full of sisters like jewels in a crown Vanilla, Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate Brown Now picture yourself in the mist of this glory As I describe the sisters who are a part of this story….. In 1994, my dear friend Melina Carnicelli, was so inspired by this poem that she gathered a group of friends together for a luncheon to celebrate the sisterhood of All Women.  That year Melina expected a group of about 20 but over 90 women showed up.  Melina knew that she had stumbled onto something special.  The Room Full of Sisters became an annual event in Auburn, New York. Melina says that through Room Full of Sisters she creates “a container to hold all of who we are.” This is exactly what happens at this annual luncheon!  I have had the honor of celebrating the joys of sisterhood with thousands of women over the past 10 years that I have participated.  The day includes guest speakers, book signings, shopping, networking and celebration.  Mona Lake Jones often attends to read the poem that inspired this event and my dear sisters in Spirit, the Shenandoah Trio offer the gift of music.     For me, A Room Full of Sisters has also become a special day of sharing with my daughter who has attended with me each year since she was seven!  This year I overheard several people tell her that they recognized her as the host of Our Voice Now Humanity’s Team radio.  I smiled knowing that it is events like these that inspired her to...
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