Amazing Year

WOW! What an amazing year 2011 is so far…and its only been one month! The energies are so powerful. as we enter this year of co-creating. The general theme that I am seeing in my own life and the people around me, is dreams coming true. So many people are seeing long term dreams finally manifesting into their physical reality. We have finally arrived! Instant manifestation is no longer a theory it is a way of being! Take time to celebrate and rest into this… it is only the beginning. As we step into the fullness of a light filled life, many people are also expressing a dance with their shadows surfacing. This is a natural reaction to stepping into the light. Remember it is the dance between light and shadows that allows us to experience the full spectrum of color which makes our lives so incredibly beautiful! Allow the sacred dance to be simply that.. a dance. Rest into the emotions as they arise. Be compassionate with your ego side, reminding your primitive self that it has nothing to fear. Then simply draw your attention back to all the joys you are experiencing in this wonderful time. Enjoy! As you know, it has always been my passion to empower people through teaching them to embrace their own spiritual gifts. As I have grown in my own process of awakening to the Enchanted One, the gifts that I have to offer you have also evolved. For me, this past year has been a year of integration. I am overjoyed to say that I am now experiencing an enchanted life...
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