Five Tips to Help Consciously Embrace Those Pivotal Moments in Life

I’m thinking today of a pivotal moment in my life.  Some of my most profound pivotal moments, I  experienced in seemingly subtle moments of my life. I was in a high school philosophy class discussing the existence of God.  It was at a point that I was struggling with the God that was presented to me in my church upbringing and I was uncertain what I believed, at the same time I knew that I felt better when I was connected to a higher source.  Suddenly it became clear to me. I said “It really does not matter whether there is a God or not because at the end of my life there either will be something more or there will not.  So I am choosing to live my life with the beliefs that make me feel good while I am alive!” That was such an important moment in my life because it allowed me to set aside the debate and explore the enchantment…which of course is exactly what brought me to where I am today! We often think of Pivotal Moments as large life changing events such as going to college, marriage, giving birth, or the death of a loved one.  In fact these events do change our lives significantly but each of these events is created from a series of smaller moments that often go unobserved. It is our internal response to specific moments that can shift us profoundly. Another example of this for me occurred when I was in college. I was a Syracuse University exchange Student in London the semester leading up to the bombing...

Virtual Book Tour with Sheila Applegate, Day 5

One of the most delightful parts about being on a virtual book tour is the wonderful people I am meeting!  Today’s stops are a perfect reflection of these beautiful connections. I first heard about Lori Deschene’s blog tiny buddha: simple wisdom for complex lives through my marketing supervisor at Redwheel and Weiser Publishing.  She referenced Lori as a success story example.  When I visited her website, I instantly fell in love with it!  So you can imagine I was quite excited when Lori notified me that she had chosen my article on creating peace to be a post on her tiny buddha blog.  I have to say after meeting Lori, she truly does embody the message of Love that is so evident in her website. Enjoy the Article and remember to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts.  While you are exploring the Tiny Buddha website be sure to check out the Tiny Wisdom Ebook Series.  They’re a great way to support you as you create Joy in 2013! Meeting Dr. Susan Allison, host of Empowered Healer Radio, was equally as joyful.  I’m pleased to say I will be a guest on her program tonight at 5pm EST.  In her first email to me, Dr. Allsion wrote “I already love your energy and resonate with your message” and I felt the same way.  The synergy between us was instant and it felt like reconnecting with an old friend!  I am sure that this show will reflect harmony between us and I look forward to our time together on air!  Be sure to join us for what is...
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