6 Steps to Integrating Your Spiritual Practice into Your Daily Earthly Experience

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?  Have you given this much thought?  You may be one of many people who are well on your way on the path of awakening to remembering Oneness.  Or you may be one of the many people who are struggling to find your way along that path, either consciously or unconsciously. So often, while on the path of awakening, we separate our spiritual practice from our earthly experience. Each of us has our own path to follow and there are many wonderful practices and means (remembrances) of expressing our spirituality along the way.  Do you attend church or temple?  If so, how often do you attend?  Perhaps you have a prayer ritual?  Or maybe you meditate?  If so, are these daily practices or do you tend to call upon them in times of need?  Awakening to remembering Oneness is a very personal journey: there are no right or wrong answers to these questions.  However… I firmly believe that as wonderful as these practices are, you will benefit by finding ways to integrate these remembrances into your daily routine.  And guess what!  There’s even an “App” for that!  If you’re “plugged in” as they say, there are now apps that you can download into your phone or iPad that will chime throughout the day reminding you to stop take notice.  If you have a device that is capable of such apps simply search  “Prayer Chimes” and find one that feels correct to you.  If such an app is not available for your phone, try programing the alarm clock to chime throughout your day.  If...
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