Twin flames, Soul mates, Soul family are all topics getting a lot of attentions these days. I think that is good because it shows that we are evolving and beginning to remember our connectedness. There is however a lot of confusion about what these words mean. I believe it’s important to think about definitions and what this mean to each one of us and to stay open.  I believe that the one thing that divides each of us more than anything else is language.  So, when I speak I try to use the broadest language I can to define the different categories or the different concepts but if you need to translate that into your own language, (I don’t really mean Spanish or German, but if that’s what it is that’s okay too), but basically what you feel in your heart, what you call the Creator, what you call twin flames, what you call soul family.  It’s the concepts.  That’s why the meditations are so important because you feel rather than think what you’re learning.

One time a while ago I asked the Creator to show me how to define what we’re talking about. First of all this whole essay is an illusion.  Let’s just start with that because in reality we are all a piece of God and so we are all a soul family and there is no division whatsoever.  We’re all just as connected to each other and we’re all a piece of the Creator. However, in our Earth experience, which is more drawn out and more linear we feel different connections to different souls and one of my beliefs that my guides have shown me is that everything on Earth, everything on our Earth plane is a replica of the spiritual plane. Different religions refer to this. The Creation Story in the majority of the religions indicates that the Earth plane is a replica of the Creator’s vibration and energies. So, we have within our Earth plane a sense of a road map. Just like our body can be a road map of emotional and spiritual development, the Earth plane can be a road map of the spiritual plane, and the concepts.

So, if you relate to your physical family, your physical connections to individuals, extended family, if you believe that to the spiritual concept … that’s your replica. So, yes you are human. Yes, you are connected to everyone in the world on some vibration. But, there are souls that you consider your family, your extended family and your nuclear family, sometimes your partner as well.  Even in nature we see the replica. There’s a tremendous amount of trees, but there are families of trees. There are certain kinds of trees within it that are more similar to each other and if you ever have gone to gather herbs you’ll see that there is an herb family. Herbs grow in a family unit with the younger herbs around an older herb. So, this is replicated in all of nature, which tells us that there is something to be learned about this. Even though we’re all connected to each other when we’re searching our way back to the full connection we understand it by connecting to those souls that we are closest to as we move upward.

The visual that the Creator gave me to explain that is… if we have the Creator as one golden ball of energy and this is God, this is creation, this is who we all are. This is “us” in our energy at the one time. In our evolution, in our decision to help the Creator to expand and grow different pieces of that energy expand in order to experience the Earth plane. You have a great big ball of golden energy, which expands itself. That portion that one time would be your extended soul family. The piece of the creator that you identify as yourself right now is a portion of this expanded energy that is your extended soul family. Then they show it expanding like cell division.  That piece divided into two, and each one of those divides again and again and again, until you get to who you are sitting right here now. As we see the big concept you are a reflection of the Creator’s energy. When you are ascending and remembering you union, you go back through the same process. The last piece of the God energy that you identified with before identifying yourself as who you are right now would be your twin flame. There’s another soul out there that you expanded from last and as one unit you make the fullest connection. If you look through the majority of creation stories there is a story of twins or of Adam and Eve, the separation. If we go back to the Christian creation story of Adam and Eve they lived together in renowned union for a period of time, until one bit the apple and the other followed out of his desire to not be separate from her, because once she bit the apple she opened up to a different awareness than the twin and so there was a gap and so he then moves to follow the path to reach back and there’s an illusion of separation because she is now seeing things as separate from herself. The twin flames originally did not expand that far, so the other half of you would have been one unit in the beginning. Most of the creation stories show a period of time between when there was the one unit to when it was separated a little bit further. That’s why we long for that other half and that reunification.

The remembrance of our union with the Creator is an essential step in our ascension process. The remembrance of our union with our twin flame is part of this process. However this union is not remembered by becoming romantic partners with your twin flame on earth. That belief is part of the illusion of separation. The remembrance of this union comes through our spiritual awakening, Whether your twine flame is in human form, whether you know your twin flame in the physical, whether this twin flame is your child, parent, friend or lover is irrelevant to the process of your union. This union must be remembered in spirit. When you reconnect in spirit you will once again feel whole and you will remember that you were never separate. You will be home and in that space you will also know your Union with All That Is.

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