Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

I cannot even begin to express the intensity of joy-filled emotion I feel as I count down the hours to tomorrow’s official release of my new book, Enchanted One: The Portal To Love!

Releasing this book to the world represents an important culminating moment in what I consider to be a journey of love spanning a good ten years.  Reaching this point is not only a milestone in my own life, it is a reflection that the world is ready to receive the messages of love that Enchanted One contains.  For this I am most grateful!

During the years spent writing this book, I moved through many life lessons.  I lost (in the earthly sense) some of the souls I held dearest to my heart, raised children, changed the form of the marriage I was in, struggled financially, embraced abundance, and stepped into my power.  Through it all I awakened to the remembrance of Enchanted Oneness.  I learned to embrace life with joy and to love unconditionally in each of my relationships.

I would like to share my journey with you and in celebration I am inviting you to come along with me on my Virtual Book & Radio Tour, beginning tonight! (Click link for details.)  Over the next couple of weeks I will be a guest each day on some amazing blogs and radio shows.  What I love about this virtual book tour is that no matter where you are in the world you can join me at your leisure from the comfort of your own home.  It’s as simple as following a different link each day and will only take a few minutes of your time.  I have some special gifts and prizes I am offering along the way, including an individual spiritual session with me (*details here).

Could there be a more perfect way to kick off this book tour than to be a guest on my own daughter’s radio show?  Sarah and I will be live tonight at 7:30 EST on Our Voice Now: Humanity’s Team.  What better way to begin the book tour than with one of the two people who have journeyed the closest with me?  When I began writing this book, Sarah was a five-year old.  Now, at 16, she is the host of her own radio show!  She and I will have a candid mother/daughter discussion about what it was like growing up behind the scene while I dedicated my life to embracing oneness and sharing the message with the world!

Tomorrow’s “stop” on the tour is just as significant.  There you will find me as a guest on the Redwheel Weiser Publishing Company blog.  Redwheel and Weiser has been absolutely amazing in bringing this book to you.  I cannot imagine a more perfect experience.  Apparently neither can spirit as I was woken from a deep sleep nearly three years ago with the message that I would publish this book through and imprint of RWW publishing.  It took them a couple years to realize that they were my publishing company but only because this book has its own divine timing and right now is the perfect time for its release!

TAKE NOTE (if I may be so bold)!  PLEASE…  Share your thoughts and comments below and to show my appreciation and support I am making this special offer (in addition to the raffle contest offer below!).

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Sheila Applegate


As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author & teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion & integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Her new book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment. www.sheilaapplegate.com

In celebration of the release of Enchanted One, Sheila is offering this raffle contest for multiple chances to win one of two Amazon Gift Cards.

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