God does not Give Love~ God IS love

…an Endless flow of Love that is moving through us and in us in every moment. An Endless Flow of Love that IS us. When we place our attention on this Endless Flow Of Love that IS God, we FEEL God. Sometimes we think we are placing our attention on God’s Love when we are actually placing our attention on the illusion of God/Love’s absence. When we are focused on TRYING to feel God’s Love, our attention is on the feeling of its absence. When we pray for God’s Love and support we are really just making an intention to place our attention back into God’s endless flow of Love. When we follow that prayer a shift into Silent Receiving we Feel the Flow of God’s Love and we know that our prayer has been answered.

When we continue to TRY and ASK and PRAY for that Love rather than shifting our attention to its Silent Receiving then we do not FEEL the Endless Flow of Love that is God and we think perhaps our prayers have not been answered. We think we are not good enough. Perhaps we focus our attention on all the things we don’t like about ourselves. This leads us to placing more and more attention on the feeling of separation from God’s Love and we feel less and less connected. Maybe we look for flaws to heal within ourselves so that God will answer our prayers. That process of healing can become a gateway back to feeling the flow of God’s Love again: when we feel that we are healed we open ourselves to the flow of God’s Love. Once again we feel that union. But this is conditional; Love and God’s Love are Unconditional. We do not have to heal in order to be worthy of God’s Love. We are already worthy.

God is an Endless Flow of Love that is moving through us and in us in every moment…

An Endless Flow of Love that IS us. 


This cycle of TRYING and RECEIVING can seem like an endless trap that keeps us from embodying ALL that we are through the flow of God’s Love. Perhaps the best way to break this cycle is to NOTICE it.

Once you notice that you are TRYING to feel God’s Love you remember that you are focusing on the illusion that you are NOT God’s love. As soon as you notice, instead of TRYING HARDER, which is actually more of what is pulling you towards the illusion of Separation, STOP TRYING and START LOVING.

  • Give Love.
  • Hug someone.
  • Help Someone.
  • Make a meal for someone.
  • Listen to Someone.
  • Pet a Dog or a cat.
  • Hug a Tree.

Make your quest to SHARE LOVE and I can guarantee before you realize it YOUR ATTENTION WILL BE BACK IN THE FLOW OF LOVE. You will be seeing the miracles all around you. You will feel the Love inside of you growing. You will feel yourself as a perfect reflection of God on Earth and in this SPACE ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


Sheila Applegate


As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author & teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion & integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Her new book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment. “Moving into a harmonic union between your heart and mind allows you to embrace life to its fullest.

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