Can You Relate?

I was recently tagged in Facebook, given the number “19” and asked to write 19 random facts about myself.  (19? Thanks for that Sarah…)  As I think about the list I put together, I can’t help but wonder if any of you can relate? Here we go ~ 1.  My childhood nickname was Binz. 2.  I rescued a baby deer whose mother was killed by a car.. nursed her with a bottle and walked her on a leash.. she would follow me around the house during the day. 3.  My favorite book (besides Enchanted One) is Lamb by Christopher Moore. 4.  When I grow up I want to write a novel. 5.  My daughter and I text each other throughout the school day.. my son prefers telepathy. 6.  I love training people to communicate with Spirit Guides, Channel Messages and give Readings. 7.  There is both a fierceness and a gentleness to my love. 8.  I love unconditionally but I like conditionally. 9.  When my son was 3 yrs old he told me “God is in darkness too”.  It took me several years to integrate that truth into absolute knowing. 10.  Baking calms me when I get overwhelmed. 11.  I am a white woman who can’t sing AND I won a NAMMY (Native American Music Award) for Best New Age Album~ Enchanted Garden 12.  I walk barefoot in the snow. 13.  I credit Dan Brown for opening the Door to the messages of Magdalene and the Divine Feminine. 14.  I think the teens of today are awesome! They Give me hope for the future. 15.  Most of My closest...
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